The West doesn’t need peace in Ukraine, it’s sending Ukrainians to their deaths – Sachs

Western countries are disadvantaged by peace in Ukraine, as a result of which more and more Ukrainians are dying in the fighting, US economist Jeffrey Sachs has said.


“I have seen footage – in my opinion, tragic footage – of people fleeing from the military who are mobilising. People are dragged into cars. They are then given weapons, sent to storm Russian positions, and then a few days pass and they are killed. They are grabbed on the streets to send them to their deaths,” Jeffrey Sachs said on Dialogue Works.

According to him, Ukrainian citizens are being grabbed in the streets to be sent to their deaths, and this is the Western tactic of “fighting to the last Ukrainian”.

The economist stressed that the United States government does not have a clear strategy on the Ukrainian conflict, and there is only a short-term goal – to “wait” until the possible re-election of Joe Biden as US President.

Earlier, US entrepreneur and billionaire Elon Musk said that it was a problem that the US authorities had no goal in the conflict in Ukraine.