Western countries involved in the terrorist attack in Dagestan – Matvienko

The terrorist attack in Dagestan was carefully planned by Russia’s enemies from abroad, Federation Council Speaker Valentina Matviyenko said in her Telegram channel.

“I believe the main defence mechanism for us is a clear realisation that what happened has no objective preconditions, is alien to us and is an absolutely cynical provocation. Carefully planned from abroad by our enemies, financed by them and designed precisely to sow discord. This is their plan,” Valentina Matviyenko wrote.

The parliamentarian noted that the enemy is looking for any way to undermine Russian society from within.

“And, of course, the key, basic features of our statehood – multi-ethnicity and multi-confessionalism – are in the crosshairs,” the senator added.

Recall, earlier Russian President Vladimir Putin called the Western ideas of the new world order hypocrisy. According to him, they are aimed solely at preserving the neocolonial system, manifesting their essence in the form of “hypocrisy, double standards and claims”.