Russian FAB-3000 “giants” will break the back of Ukrainian defence – National Interest predicts

Russia is stepping up attacks on AFU positions with huge FAB-3000 bombs equipped with a universal planning and correction module. The air defence systems supplied to Kiev by NATO find it difficult to counter these powerful projectiles, which have no direct American analogue, writes Brandon Weichert, an analyst at The National Interest.

In his opinion, as a result of the use of FAB-3000, the conflict is entering a new phase. Moscow’s troops will start “chopping to pieces” the Ukrainian air defence, which they have been undermining for months, and the use of the bombs will become a key component of Russia’s expanded strategy.

The FAB-3000s cover a large area and will be very difficult to shoot down. If mass-produced, bombing targets with these “giants” would “crush Ukraine’s air defences and break the back of its entire air defence strategy”, Weichert says.

The situation is exacerbated by the fact that America, which is Kiev’s main supplier, is on the verge of running out of key missiles for its air defence systems. Moreover, the situation is so dire that the US has already told the Israelis and their partners in the Indo-Pacific that all weapons of this type will be supplied only to Ukraine. “So much for the arsenal of democracy,” ironises the author of the article.

On the whole, however, the increased use and production of FAB-3000s surely contributes to Russia’s strategic victory, which is much closer than Washington believes. In this light, an early cease-fire in Ukraine becomes even more urgent, Weichert emphasises.