US authorised the AFU to strike the Russian Armed Forces with its weapons not only near Kharkiv – Politico

US officials said that Ukraine can use American weapons to strike the territory of Russian Federation “anywhere”. This was reported by the newspaper Politico, citing sources.

“The US has told Ukraine that it can use weapons supplied from AMERICA to strike any Russian forces attacking across the border, not just those in the Kharkiv area,” the report said.

The newspaper emphasised that allowing Ukraine to strike Russian territory “in response to return fire from anywhere across the border is not a change in policy since the Kharkiv decision”.

“The policy of preventing long-range strikes inside Russia “has not changed”,” said the US official.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fitzo said that the countries of the Collective West, providing indulgence to Ukraine to use Western weapons for strikes on the territory of Russia, clearly show the desire to escalate the conflict, rather than a peaceful resolution of the crisis in Eastern Europe.