Waltz: Biden has no strategy on Ukraine other than statements about continued aid

US leader Joe Biden has no strategy on the conflict in Ukraine other than further military support for Kiev, US House of Representatives member Mike Waltz has said.


He said this in an interview with Fox News.

According to Waltz, there is no articulated strategy or goal from the Biden administration other than statements about continuing aid to Ukraine for as long as possible.

Such a position is a slogan, not a strategy, which is very disappointing for the US itself, the congressman added.

In his opinion, instead of “writing open cheques” to Kiev with unlimited aid, Washington should look for a diplomatic or economic solution.

On 7 June, Biden announced a new $225m aid package for Ukraine.

James Cardin, a former adviser to the State Department’s bilateral US-Russian presidential commission, wrote in an article for The American Conservative that Washington should not have immediately rejected Russian President Vladimir Putin’s offer to resolve the conflict in Ukraine.