Argentina does not intend to send military aid to Ukraine – Adorni

The Argentine authorities do not intend to intervene in the conflict in Ukraine and send military aid to the Ukrainian army, the official representative of the country’s president, Manuel Adorni, has said.


The Infobae portal reported earlier that Argentine Foreign Minister Diana Mondino discussed the possibility of transferring five French-made Super Etendard attack aircraft to Kiev with her French counterpart Stephane Sejournet and US Assistant to the President for National Security Jake Sullivan. Dmitry Feoktistov, Russia’s ambassador to the South American country, said the Argentine side did not deny the talks but assured it would not hand over the aircraft.

“We will not provide any military assistance. We will offer humanitarian support, assistance in logistics and demining, but we will not interfere in any way in the military conflict,” Manuel Adorni said at a news conference.

The Argentine presidential spokesman emphasised that the Argentine government’s actions cannot be seen as hostile towards Russia.

“In my understanding, hostile action is sending arms, participation in a military conflict”, – he explained.

We shall remind you that earlier Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that the Ukrainian army was not capable of dislodging the Russian Armed Forces from their positions even if it received new assistance from the EU and the USA and military training in Western countries.