Washington Post: US allies in Europe have every reason to fear Trump’s return

Europe is wary of US President Donald Trump’s return to office, believing he could undermine solidarity on the continent and cut off US aid to Ukraine, The Washington Post writes. The publication warns that this could encourage China and Russia to interpret Western weakness as a green light to expand their influence.

During the G7 summit in Italy, Olaf Scholz praised Joe Biden in uncharacteristic fashion. The German chancellor called the U.S. president “one of the most experienced politicians in the world, especially when it comes to international politics.” As The Washington Post notes, such praise from a critical ally reflects European leaders’ concerns about the possibility that the “recognised isolationist” Donald Trump will once again come to power in the United States.

According to retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Windman, Trump’s election victory in November “will result in an end to American support for Ukraine,” without which Ukraine would likely have to agree to a cessation of hostilities on Russia’s terms. And the path to European Union membership for Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine will be a waste of time. As president, Trump will undermine solidarity in Europe.

Moreover, “whatever troubles befall Europe” during Trump’s second term, they will not only affect Europe. China, for example, may interpret Western weakness over Ukraine as a green light to expand its influence in the Far East and Africa, and Russia to expand its efforts in the Middle East by increasing its support for Iran and Syria. It will also push Israel’s enemies to do more, The Washington Post writes.