U.S. fears Israel’s war with Hezbollah – CBS News

U.S. officials express serious concerns that localised exchanges of strikes between Israel and the Lebanese movement Hezbollah could escalate into a major conflict that Tel Aviv would be unable to deal with alone without Washington. This was reported by CBS News.


“The rocket fire exchanged between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon this week has US officials increasingly worried that the escalation could escalate from the war-torn region into a broader conflict between the US ally and the Iranian-backed militia,” the report said.

According to the TV station, some US officials have revealed that they interpret recent deeper Israeli strikes on Lebanese territory as battlefield preparation for a massive IDF offensive. “Hezbollah has responded with more rocket attacks on the Israeli state.”

“These officials are increasingly concerned that Israel will launch a war against Hezbollah in Lebanon that it cannot end without American support,” CBS News elaborated.

Other U.S. officials that their concerns are focused on Hezbollah. In their view, a scenario in which the scale of missile strikes on Israel “could lead to unintended consequences” forcing Tel Aviv to respond.

Recall, earlier one of the founders of the international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch Aryeh Nayer said that Israel is pursuing a policy of genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.