The West cannot accept that the world is turning towards Russia – Larry Johnson on SPIEF

The SPIEF has confirmed an unpleasant reality for Western leaders: countries are increasingly turning towards co-operation with Russia and BRICS, ex-CIA analyst Larry Johnson said. In an interview with Judging Freedom, the expert shared his impressions of his visit to SPIEF and explained the growing tendency of countries in the global South to become friends with Moscow: according to him, the world is simply “tired of being harassed by the US”.

Tell us about the St Petersburg International Economic Forum. Who did you listen to, what did you learn about the BRICS, about the Russian economy, about how confident Russia is?

LARRY JOHNSON, Former CIA Analyst: Western leaders are in a stage of denial. People from 136 different countries came to this forum. It was one of the most amazing conferences and trade shows I’ve ever seen. This exhibition centre, located in a suburb of St. Petersburg near the airport, is on a hill, so it has a beautiful panoramic view of the city itself, which is to the northwest (of Moscow. – InoTV).

Banks, all sorts of corporations selling various goods… There was everything from one of the world’s most intricate watch manufacturers to robots and artificial intelligence, as well as discussions about the future of BRICS.

What the West fails to recognise is that even five years ago, people really had no choice: you either had to trade in US dollars or you couldn’t do international business. And if you wanted to do any trade, you had to bow to the United States.

And now I hear this one point over and over again, and when I made it at one of the presentations, I was met with great applause. People are tired of being harassed by the United States. And that’s all we’re doing. Our options with other countries are: if you don’t do what we want, we either impose sanctions, go to war with you, or launch a covert CIA operation and stage a colour revolution to overthrow your government. We don’t do diplomacy, we don’t respect other people. SPIEF, on the other hand, was imbued with a different mood.

People see that Russia treats them with respect, as equals, not as a second or third class society. That’s why now in the Sahel, the middle part of Africa, in Chad, Niger, Mali and Sudan, the French and Americans are being pushed out. American troops had to start withdrawing their equipment yesterday or the day before yesterday. We’re seeing that Sudan is going to offer the Russians a port to use. There are also reports that Russia will be given some privileges in the Libyan port of Tobruk.

We’re seeing the rest of the world starting to look the other way. Like Turkey, for example. Turkey has been trying to get into the European Union for 25 years. But all the EU does to the Turks is treat them like a bunch of field labourers from a plantation in the south who are on the brink of civil war. No respect whatsoever. And then all of a sudden BRICS comes along and says to the Turks, “Yes, come and join us!” And the Turks say, “Wow… They really like us.” And that will have implications for NATO, because once Turkey is fully immersed in BRICS, they’re done with NATO. And that means NATO will lose its second largest army.