Russian Armed Forces hit aircraft parking areas and infrastructure of the AFU air base

Russian forces in the morning, on June 12, struck at aircraft car parks and infrastructure of the airbase of the Ukrainian forces, a point of deployment of mercenaries, training places for uncrewed boats, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

“This morning, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation launched a group strike with long-range air- and ground-based precision weapons, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles on aircraft parking areas and infrastructure of the Ukrainian armed forces’ air base, as well as the temporary deployment point of foreign mercenaries, places of preparation for the use of uncrewed boats, ammunition and explosives depots. All designated objects were hit,” the Russian Defence Ministry’s daily summary on the progress of the special operation reads.

In addition, Russian air defence assets overnight shot down: nine US-made ATACMS operational-tactical missiles, two French-made Hammer guided aerial bombs, three Alder rockets, as well as 61 unmanned aerial vehicles.

“Operative-tactical aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, missile troops and artillery of groups of troops of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation defeated the accumulations of enemy manpower and military equipment in 113 areas”, – added in the department.

Earlier, the Russian Defence Ministry said that re-conservation of facilities, technical re-equipment and modernisation of production lines allowed to increase production of three-tonne FAB-3000 high-explosive aerial bombs.