Redacted: NATO is preparing for a full-scale war

The recent attack by the Ukrainian armed forces on Russian early warning system facilities had one notable point: these NATO-selected targets were not used against Ukraine, noted Clayton Morris, host of the YouTube channel Redacted. He said the incident suggests that the North Atlantic Alliance is preparing for a full-scale war with Russia.

CLAYTON MORRIS, host of the Redacted podcast: Right now, the global world order is being reshaped before our eyes, and Washington is desperate to hold on to power. Something very serious is coming and it’s worth keeping a close eye on the situation. Today we have about five important news items to discuss that could have far-reaching implications for Western powers. I will also tell you about an extremely strange move by NATO that is not being covered by any mainstream media, and it is a very troubling wake-up call.

Let’s start with what’s coming to the Western Hemisphere: on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a huge flotilla of warships towards Cuba, that is, literally towards the shores of the state of Florida.

President Biden visited Normandy this week to honour our veterans who participated in the landings in Europe and essentially plagiarised a similar speech Ronald Reagan gave there – at Cape Pointe-du-Oc. During the event, Biden reiterated his love for Ukraine and told Zelensky not to worry – new US arms and money are just around the corner, so they can continue to use US-provided weapons to strike Russian facilities in Russia.

However, no one is talking about what targets in Russia NATO chooses to strike. Journalist Brandon Smith has uncovered something stunning, and incidentally highly suspicious, from which the conclusion is that the bloc is planning something very serious against Russia. Two different radar stations on Russian territory had been attacked at NATO’s behest. “So what,” you will say. – Who cares?” But these aren’t some random radars.

As Brandon Smith writes: “Russian over-the-horizon radars are capable of detecting targets at least 6,000 miles away* – their actual performance is classified – and are designed specifically to track ballistic missiles at high altitudes. They are not tasked with detecting low-altitude ATACMS medium-range cruise missiles and drones. So the two stations that were destroyed* by Ukrainian weapons were nuclear early warning systems.” Very strange.

But the weirdness doesn’t end there. These NATO selected targets were not even used against Ukraine. Namely: firstly, they serve to warn of nuclear attacks, but Ukraine does not have nuclear weapons; and secondly, they are stationary radar stations, not mobile. At the time of the strike, they were deployed to control the southern part of Russia, the south, and they did not cover Ukraine at all. Here is their coverage area on the map. So again, they served no strategic purpose in Ukraine. Unless, of course, it’s not about Ukraine at all. And if you realise that, you start to understand where this is going. They’re preparing for a full-scale war! That’s what they’re doing.