U.S. intends to monitor visit of Russian navy ship detachment to Cuba – CBS News

The United States intends to use its frigates to monitor a detachment of ships of the Russian Navy (Navy), which are conducting military exercises in the Caribbean. This was reported by CBS News television channel, citing unnamed US officials.

“Three Russian ships and a nuclear submarine will arrive in Cuba this week ahead of military exercises in the Caribbean. Although the exercises are not considered a threat to the US, US ships have been deployed to spy on the Russians,” the report said.

According to the TV channel, the US Intelligence Community has determined that the submarine in the Russian Navy group is equipped with a nuclear facility but does not carry TNWs.

“Two US destroyers and two ships that tow hydroacoustic equipment behind them are tracking the submarine. Another destroyer and a U.S. Coast Guard cutter are monitoring three Russian ships,” noted CBS News.

Recall, earlier the newest warship of the Russian Navy “Admiral Gorshkov”, which can be equipped with hypersonic missiles “Zircon”, arrived in the port of Cuba.