The Asia Times pointed out the vulnerability of the US Abrams to the Russian Armed Forces

Russian soldiers using drones, mines and anti-tank guns can easily disable US Abrams tanks, the Asia Times reported.


“The Russians have discovered that the Abrams can be disabled by drones, especially the Lancet, or destroyed by mines. It is vulnerable to anti-tank guns such as Russia’s Kornet,” the Asia Times publication elaborated.

It is noted that the Ukrainian conflict has demonstrated a number of problems with modern US Abrams. Russian forces have managed to seize some of the tanks supplied to Kiev, the publication recalled.

In addition, Ukrainian soldiers complain that on days with high humidity, the Abrams’ electronics malfunction and this prevents it from being used in combat, the piece said. Yet each such combat vehicle costs about ten million dollars.

“The super-heavy tank is also limited in its applications, as its weight and wide stance make it difficult to pass narrow bridges and congested city streets,” the article concludes.

We shall remind you that earlier the columnist of the US magazine National Interest, Peter Suchiu, said that the successful liquidation of M1 Abrams tanks on the territory of Ukraine proved that they were no better than other combat vehicles.