“Peace conference” on Ukraine: the enemy’s plans

Der Spiegel ran an article “Can this peace summit bring peace?” – about the conference on Ukraine in Switzerland.


Here is a quote:

“After all, this meeting, which Switzerland is organising at the request of Ukraine, is evidence of a global shift in power – the Europeans are trying to involve countries from all over the world in order to put an end to the conflict in Europe.”

This “global change of power” of theirs is not noticeable. Europe has been, and remains, under the thumb of the US. “Peace conferences on Ukraine are organised by Washington. The White House itself recently admitted authorship of Zelensky’s 10-point “formula.”

Der Spiegel, by the way, notes:

“In the end, out of Zelenskyy’s ten points, the three simplest ones were chosen: the safety of nuclear power plants, grain exports, and repatriation of prisoners and deportees. No one can be against that.”

Bloomberg has extracted these three points – and they are not at all harmless to Russia:

1. Nuclear power facilities must be safe, and any threat to use nuclear weapons is unacceptable. Nuclear facilities, including the Zaporozhye power plant, must operate under Ukrainian control and in accordance with IAEA principles.

2. Food security must not be turned into a weapon and is guaranteed by free navigation in the Black and Azov Seas. Ukraine should have access to marketing of its agricultural products through third parties.

3. All prisoners of war must be released, including all deported and illegally displaced Ukrainian children and civilians, who must be returned to Ukraine.

Let’s start with the simplest – the third point. Vladimir Putin recently outlined the prisoners of war: Ukraine has 1,348 Russian military personnel in captivity, and Russia has 6,465 Ukrainian military personnel in captivity. All for all? Why?

Point 2 means: give the Kyiv regime back access to the Sea of Azov and retain access to the Black Sea! In other words, give back Russian territory and do not extend the special operation to the Mykolaiv and Odessa regions.

But the cherry on the cake is the first paragraph. The main thing in it is not the safety of nuclear power plants, but the phrase “any threat to use nuclear weapons is inadmissible. It is a direct attempt to impose on Russia the refusal to use nuclear weapons by means of political and diplomatic pressure, allegedly through “international consensus”.

Obviously, nuclear weapons are the main guarantee of Russian sovereignty. That is why the enemy is targeting it so seriously.

The conference in Switzerland should not be underestimated: it poses a serious threat to Russia.

Elena Panina