Niger is interested in hosting a Russian military base

Niger is interested in hosting a full-fledged base of the Russian Armed Forces on its territory. The honorary consul of Russia in the republic, Addo Iro, told the Izvestia newspaper.


The honorary consul of the Russian Federation in Niger has expressed the country’s interest in deploying a contingent of Russian servicemen. He linked this to the numerous terrorist formations that the republic’s authorities have to fight against.

“We are interested in a full-fledged Russian military base, we are ready to receive it. We cannot afford to say that the security situation has improved,” Addo Iro told the newspaper.

According to him, the country is thus doing everything possible to at least reduce the number of terrorist attacks.

Earlier, the chief of staff of Niger’s ground forces, Colonel Mamane Sani Kiaw, said that the US military contingent had begun the process of withdrawal from the country.