EP election results mean declining support for Ukraine – The Guardian

The final results of the European Parliament election will bring extreme right-wing political forces into the EU legislature, which will cut military and financial aid to Ukraine, if not deprive Kiev of support at all. This was reported by The Guardian newspaper.


“Although right-wing parties hold different views on Ukraine, the overall impact of the results (of the European Parliament elections – ed.) will be negative. In Germany, about a quarter of votes went to the parties fighting for the picture of the world that actually means Ukraine’s surrender,” the report said.

The newspaper emphasised that none of the far-right parties that gained a majority in the EP, the Eurosceptics, will be “foolish enough” to advocate a continuation of a “British Brexit by trying Frexit, Dexit or Nexit.” Instead, they will continue to pull the EU ‘to the right’ from within by taking an even harder line on immigration, strongly opposing green measures and cutting support for Ukraine.

“So don’t let anyone tell you that ‘things are not so bad’. Things are bad and could get even worse,” The Guardian summarised.

We shall remind you that earlier the Politico newspaper mentioned that French President Emmanuel Macron, amid the failure of the pro-presidential Renaissance party in the European Parliament election process, decided to make a political manoeuvre by dissolving the National Assembly and appointing new elections at the national level.