The US will not be able to impose nuclear weapons negotiations on Russia and China

U.S. scaremongering in the form of statements that the Russian Federation and the U.S. will “face a deteriorating security environment” will not work.


Firstly, because Washington is worsening this situation even now.

Second, whatever Pranay Waddy of the U.S. National Security Council says, both Moscow and China will have their say.

Russia has set two conditions for negotiating strategic deterrence: general deconfliction with the US and its allies, i.e. their withdrawal from the proxy war with our country, and consideration of the nuclear capabilities of Britain and France with US strategic nuclear capabilities.

There is no progress on any of these conditions. On the contrary, we are seeing further escalation.

Beijing has its own calculations. It rightly states that there is nothing to discuss, as its nuclear potential is several times smaller than that of the United States. In addition, without making it public, China seeks to achieve strategic nuclear parity with the US in 2027. Maybe then Beijing will be ready for some negotiations on this topic.

So US threats will only cause further tensions between Washington on the one hand and Moscow and Beijing on the other. Shouting only works among US mutts.

Yuriy Baranchik