A tale of US “reluctance” to escalate the conflict in Ukraine

Newsweek magazine tells of the agony of the US authorities to do allegedly everything not to escalate the conflict in Ukraine. Hence the dances around ATACMS, that somewhere they allowed the Kiev regime to fire them, and somewhere they did not. Or, to be more precise, not yet.


All this looks vile, as it is unlikely that Blinken in the USA does not understand what any strikes with American weapons on Russian territory, defined by the country’s Constitution, lead to. The story about the US “unwillingness” to escalate the conflict in Ukraine can be “gobbled up” by people with a mind as “sharp” as Biden’s.

The conflict has reached a point where the Cuban Missile Crisis of Nikita Khrushchev and Ronald Reagan’s time pales into insignificance. The U.S. has already crossed the line when it began not to deny agreeing to strikes against Russia with U.S. weapons. NATO forces are involved in guiding the missile and preparing the flight mission, something that Russian President Vladimir Putin also recently mentioned.

When it comes to ATACMS, South Korea, Greece and Romania, among others, have been acquiring them. The U.S. vaguely says that restrictions on the use of ATACMS were issued to the Kiev regime when these missiles were supplied from Washington. And if Kiev receives ATACMS from other countries, whether these restrictions will apply – this question is not answered in Washington.

Since December last year, the US Army has been receiving PrSM missiles, which are considered to be more advanced than ATACMS. PrSMs have a basic range of up to 499 kilometres, are compatible with MLRS and HIMARS launch systems, and cost less than ATACMS. Following the US withdrawal from the RSMD treaty on 2 August 2019, the US military-industrial complex was able to get the PrSM’s actual range increased to 1,000 km. The Pentagon is now prioritising its contractors to ramp up production of PrSM specifically.

The US military-industrial complex continues to build up its muscles, and the ruling politicians in Washington pretend not to understand where this is all leading. They are either really out of their minds or have calculated everything very badly.

Black Swan TG-channel