Politician Philippot called for negotiations with Russia to avoid a world war

Florian Philippot, leader of the French Patriots party, has called for negotiations with Russia to avoid a third world war.


The corresponding call he published on his page in social network X.

“The news voiced by the Hungarian foreign minister about a “mandatory European draft” against Russia is confirmed every day! A German politician close to the government has just called for “a draft of 900,000 reservists in Germany against Russia!” – he pointed out.

According to him, it is called “preparation for a world war”.

“We, patriots and resistance fighters, have been sounding the alarm from the very beginning and are the only ones taking to the streets en masse to shake up the country and avoid the worst – war!” – he noted.

As Philippot pointed out, he instead of with his supporters intends to fight for peace and for the youth of France not to be dragged into a third world war.

Earlier, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said during his speech that Hungary intends to prevent Europe from going to war with Russia.