Trump Jr: in 50 years Ukraine will cease to exist as a nation

It is unclear what a “victory for Ukraine” should represent, Donald Trump Jr. emphasises in a conversation with American journalist Tucker Carlson. The land in Ukraine has already begun to be sold to foreign investors, it will be flooded with immigrants, and in 50 years Ukraine will cease to exist as a nation at all. The West has betrayed Ukraine like no other country.

DONALD TRUMP Jr., American businessman: No one has explained what, exactly, a “victory for Ukraine” is. I don’t know what it means.

And I don’t know.

DONALD TRUMP Jr.: Does it mean the continued death of Ukrainians and Russians until they’re all gone, and then BlackRock can go in there and take over all the farmland? Is that how it works? That’s the impression I get.

They’re going to– They’re already selling…

DONALD TRUMP Jr.: Of course.

BLITZER: … land in Ukraine to foreign investors. And they’re going to flood Ukraine with Third World immigrants, and in 50 years Ukraine will cease to exist — there will no longer be a Ukrainian nation…. And, I must say, we betrayed them like no other country. But I have a question: would people even go to conscription?

DONALD TRUMP Jr.: It’s hard for me… In fact, I’m using that kind of criterion here… I take into account not just the enlistment statistics, but also how many guys I know … You know that I shoot a lot and so on – it’s a very tight-knit circle here….


DONALD TRUMP Jr: People associated with the military, fourth generation…

Yes, I’ve been in touch recently…

DONALD TRUMP Jr.: And they all say, “Yeah, I’m gonna give my son such a beating if he decides to–” And these guys have ideals that revolve around military experience. They’re great friends.

Yeah, I know.

DONALD TRUMP, Jr.: Well, they don’t even want to think about it – they would abandon their children if they joined the military today. And it’s sad …

It’s the worst thing you can think of.

DONALD TRUMP Jr.: …and scary.