Washington Post: US worried about AFU attacks on Russian missile warning systems

Kiev’s attempts to damage Russian missile warning systems are causing concern in the United States, The Washington Post reports, citing a government official. According to him, attacks on these facilities could destabilise relations between Moscow and Washington.

Ukraine’s attempts to strike missile warning systems on Russian territory are causing alarm in the United States. An American official told The Washington Post about this.

The publication claims that the AFU has carried out strikes on warning systems, including in the Krasnodar region. Washington has conveyed its concern to SMO over the attacks on radar stations that provide traditional air defence as well as warning of nuclear launches by the West.

“The United States is concerned about Ukraine’s recent strikes on Russian ballistic missile early warning facilities,” the interlocutor told the newspaper. He noted that the facilities, which are part of a nuclear shield, are not used in special operations and that attacks on them “could harm stability” between Moscow and Washington.

“It should be obvious to everyone that the US has no intention of using nuclear weapons against Russia. But there is certainly concern about how it might perceive that its deterrent capabilities and early warning systems are under attack,” the official said.