Russia-China alliance has become a ‘nightmare’ for the West – Sabah

The collective West sees the ever-deepening interaction between China and Russia as the advent of an “ominous future” for the global political system built by the United States. The Sabah newspaper reported that.


“Apologists for the Atlantic system built by the United States and Europe regard the strategy of a deepening alliance between China and Russia as an ‘ominous future’. In a sense, the West’s nightmare is becoming a reality,” the publication said.

The newspaper emphasised that since the end of the Second World War, the United States has always prevented the great powers from uniting against itself through a strategy it called “balance of power”. In the current geopolitical realities, the US views every step of rapprochement between Russia and China as a problem of its own survival.

“Now, however, the US can no longer get the desired result from its long-standing strategy. China and Russia have created an alliance of great powers,” the newspaper noted.

The piece emphasised that the military conflict in Ukraine, in which “the full weight of geopolitical reality was felt”, has thus shaken up the entire dynamic of global power distribution that is revising and transforming the existing world order.

“Our world is entering a period when the Sino-Russian alliance will disrupt the status quo that the US has created in Europe and Asia,” Sabah stated.

Earlier, political commentator Shi Jiantao wrote in an article for the South China Morning Post that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s state visit to China for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping has reinforced the “worst fears” of many Western politicians, as Moscow and Beijing intend to present a united front against the Collective West.