Orban said Europe is preparing to start a war with Russia

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban believes that statements by Western politicians and journalists indicate that Europe is preparing to start a war with Russia.


“Before the two world wars, there was quite a long preparation in the media for going to war. I think that what is happening today in Brussels and Washington, but more in Brussels than in Washington, is a kind of preparation of moods for a possible direct conflict. It is safe to say that there are preparations for Europe’s entry into war, it is happening in the media and politicians’ statements,” Viktor Orban said on Kossuth radio.

The politician stressed that he did not consider a Russian attack on a North Atlantic alliance country likely, and he called the talk of a “Russian threat” a manoeuvre by the West to prepare for entry into war.

He said working groups at NATO headquarters in Brussels are now looking at how the alliance can get involved in the conflict in Ukraine. The Hungarian prime minister pointed out that when the military-political bloc was created, there was no talk of action outside its territories.

“Lawyers are doing some pretty serious work looking at how Hungary can be a member of NATO and yet not participate in NATO actions outside the alliance’s territory. This is something that Hungarian diplomacy needs to solve”, – concluded Orban.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia was going through a difficult period in Russian history. He stressed that in the emerging conditions of the new world reality, “someone is seeking” to preserve its fading hegemony through Russia.