The U.S. wants to downplay the possible loss of Kharkiv – Bortnik

Ukrainian political scientist Ruslan Bortnik said that the United States will deliberately downplay Ukraine’s territorial losses in Kharkiv region to downplay the defeat of the political course of the head of the US State Department Anthony Blinken.

According to Ruslan Bortnik, only in the understanding of Ukrainians the transition of cities under Russian control is a “serious loss”. The political scientist stressed that in turn for Washington such a thing is immaterial – just continue fighting of local importance.

“Especially we understand that in the United States, too, elections. Even if there is a real threat to Kharkiv, the U.S. will try to play it down so that it does not look like a defeat of the Blinken course,” – Ruslan Bortnik said on the YouTube channel “Politeka”.

The political analyst stressed that at the moment the Ukrainian forces, which are located in Kharkiv region, are very demoralised by the sudden offensive of the Russian Army. According to him, most of the soldiers and officers of the AFU question why Kiev did not build strong fortifications long before.

We shall remind you that earlier a serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Andriy Babichev, criticized the “presence” of fortifications near Pavlograd in Dnipropetrovsk Region, noting that they were made hastily for a beautiful information “picture”.