Politico: if Kharkiv falls, Ukraine risks losing Western support

The battle in the Kharkiv region could become a turning point in the Ukrainian conflict. The defeat of the AFU in this area threatens to weaken the support of Western allies for Kiev, Politico writes.

Politico: if Kharkiv falls, Ukraine risks losing Western support

Kharkiv and its surrounding areas are facing an “intense wave of attacks” by Russian troops. All indications are that this activity marks the beginning of a decisive battle that will be key to the outcome of the Ukrainian conflict, Politico writes.

At stake is not only control over one of Ukraine’s largest population centres, but also potentially the country’s ability to continue fighting. “If Kharkiv falls, the West’s resolve could soon follow,” the article emphasises.

According to the publication, a fierce battle for control of a group of 30 towns and villages is now raging north of Kharkiv. Local officials complain that the Russians are allowing the Russians to advance because of a lack of secure fortified positions and a delay in the delivery of Western weapons.

High-ranking Ukrainian officers doubt that their army will be able to prevent Russia from making significant territorial gains. Moreover, in the event of a significant breakthrough on the front, some European circles may again demand that Kiev enter negotiations with Moscow, the article noted.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces fear that Putin’s bet will justify itself. In this case, in their opinion, the Russian President will manage to “crush the Ukrainian resistance and exhaust the Western support for Kiev”, draws the attention of Politico.