Poland will allocate $375 million to strengthen the barrier on the border with Belarus

Poland’s Deputy Minister of National Defence Cesarius Tomczyk said that Warsaw will provide approximately $375 million more to strengthen the fortifications on the border with Belarus, which were built in 2022.

“The very modernisation of the fence will most likely cost about 1.5 billion zlotys (about $375 million – ed.), and that’s how much we need to allocate to make this fence actually work,” Cesarius Tomczyk said on TVN24.

The Deputy Minister of National Defence of Poland stressed that the methods of improvement and strengthening of fortifications are implemented by Polish engineers and specialists of the Silesian University of Technology. The official emphasised that after the transformation, the barrier “will become impassable”, while the original version was intended as a temporary solution to a pressing issue.

We shall remind you that earlier Belarusian Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik said that Lithuania contributes in every possible way, including financially, to paramilitary groups, whose goal is to stage a coup d’état in the Republic of Belarus.