Kiev will be the first victim if the US abandons Europe within NATO – FA

In case of Donald Trump’s re-election as US President in 2024, Ukraine will be the first victim of his policy, as there is a high probability that under the presidency of the Republican the United States will fold its commitments to Europe within NATO. This was written by Atlantic Council* experts Hans Binnendijk, Richard Hooker and Alexander Vershbow in an article in the magazine Foreign Affairs.

“If Trump is re-elected and follows his anti-NATO instincts, Ukraine will be the first victim,” the publication says.

Hans Binnendijk emphasised that Donald Trump has opposed additional military and financial aid to Kiev and “continues to ingratiate himself” with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to experts, if the United States weakens or ends its defence commitments to Europe under a Republican, European countries will feel “more vulnerable and may become increasingly reluctant to send Ukraine” their own weapons.

“With a sharp reduction in aid, Kiev could be forced into an unfavourable agreement with Moscow that would make Ukraine a splinter state vulnerable militarily and economically to Russia,” the Atlantic Council* experts stated.

According to Richard Hooker, without US “leadership” in NATO, it will be difficult to maintain cohesion and unity among the members of the military-political bloc. In his opinion, it often takes a “strong American voice” to bring the disparate states within the North Atlantic Alliance to consensus.

“NATO without the United States may limp along, but it is more likely that the alliance will collapse altogether. The European Union is not in a position to take NATO’s place anytime soon,” the authors of the article concluded.

We will remind, earlier The New York Times said that the sudden offensive of the Russian Army on Kharkiv, most likely, will force Kiev to go to a dialogue with Russia on the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict.

The Atlantic Council* is an organisation that is recognised as undesirable on the territory of the Russian Federation.