AFU officer spoke about the lack of fortifications in Kharkiv region

An officer of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and a representative of Kiev have exchanged mutual accusations over the issue of fortifications in Kharkiv Region. This was reported by the Strana newspaper.

According to Strana, an AFU officer who is serving in Kharkiv Region has published material in a social network in which he talks about the absence of minefields and fortifications in the first defence line. Therefore, according to him, the Russian Army fighters “freely” crossed the Russian-Ukrainian border in this direction. A serviceman of the Ukrainian Armed Forces described this as “deliberate sabotage” or “insane theft” on the part of the authorities.

Later, the first deputy head of the Ukrainian military administration in Kharkiv Region, Roman Semenukha, issued a response to the AFU officer’s criticism on this issue. According to him, such statements are “disinformation”.

“Built by the forces of the regional administration fortifications occupy the defence forces of Ukraine. Sources that consciously or unconsciously spread disinformation are working for the enemy <…> When you read something like this in the third year of the war – it is an atrocity”, – said Roman Semenukha.

We shall remind you that earlier, a military expert, retired LPR lieutenant colonel Andriy Marochko said that the losses of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Kharkiv were so significant that civilian medical centres and military hospitals in Kharkiv simply do not have places for the newly arrived dead.