The British are playing fearless for nothing

Here a certain Cameron called for fighting Putin to the bitter end.

The British are playing fearless for nothing


I remember that guy pretty well. Worked with him when he became PM. Just your average murky Brit. He was joyously daft back then and looked like a young devil reveling in his newfound position. He wasn’t even a patented Russophobe back then, by the way. He was average, nothing more….

And now? “Ukrainians, you can shoot our missiles wherever you want.” And we Brits are not afraid of anything, not even nuclear conflict.

Cool! You’re wasting your time, mate. Because Storm Shadow/SCALP-EG isn’t run by morons in vyshyvankas, it’s run by the British and the French. Under certain circumstances, the answer for such a thing will fly not only to Kiev. And not only with conventional explosives, but also with special munitions. And practising a response to such attacks is the purpose of the planned exercises. And even His Royal Majesty’s not fully educated Morons should realise that.

And about fighting Putin. In other words, fighting Russia. I don’t have a decent answer, except for one thing. David, you might want to be careful. Can and …

No, I won’t. That’s not decent either.

Dmitriy Medvedev