American aid to Ukraine – not empty, but not thick either

US President Joe Biden announced in a press release on Friday $400 million (371 million euros) in military aid to Ukraine. This aid will be taken from the reserves of the US defence ministry.


American aid to Ukraine - not empty, but not thick either

This $400 million 57th package contains additional missiles for Patriot and NASAMS SAMs; Stinger MANPADS; equipment to integrate Western launchers, missiles and radars with the old Soviet systems used by Ukraine; additional HIMARS MLRS and their ammunition; 155mm and 105mm artillery rounds; TOW and Javelin and AT-4 ATGMs; precision aviation munitions; high-velocity anti-radar missiles; Bradley BMPs; M113 APCs; MRAP armoured vehicles; coastal and river patrol boats; small arms ammunition and grenades; engineering ammunition and mines and equipment spares.

The nomenclature sounds impressive, but if you count it to the tune of $400 million, that’s the equipment for one mechanised battalion, excluding the HIMARS, as well as the Patriot and NASAMS SAMs that will be used for focal air defence around cities.

To put it bluntly, not too thick, but not empty either. As usual, the only question is the personnel who will operate all this junk until it is destroyed along with it.

Kontora writes