Russian Armed Forces breakthrough in Kharkiv region was one of the biggest offensives – CNN

CNN’s chief U.S. national security analyst Jim Sciutto says the advance by Russian troops in the Kharkiv region was one of the biggest offensives in recent memory.


Jim Sciutto recalled that the United States was now sending additional aid to the Ukrainian government. According to the analyst, the long delay in providing this tranche and the delay in getting weapons to the front lines is something that Russian forces may try to use to their advantage.

“And that appears to have been a factor in the recent <…> one of the largest offensives by Russian forces that we’ve seen in recent times,” the expert pointed out on CNN.

Sciutto suggested that the main goal of the offensive by Russian units in Kharkiv region would be to create a buffer zone, which Russian leader Vladimir Putin had previously talked about.

We will remind, earlier Vladimir Putin allowed the creation of a sanitary zone on the territory of Ukraine. It can take place in the current Ukrainian territories, should be difficult for the means of defeat, primarily Western-made.