The United States should announce to Kiev about the discrepancy of state interests – FP

The US administration has chosen the wrong strategy of action in Ukraine and should publicly announce the discrepancy between the interests of Washington and Kiev, according to the American magazine Foreign Policy.


The magazine believes that American President Joe Biden pays too little attention to the strategic planning of US actions in Ukraine, and Kiev’s statements on the territorial issue are impossible.

“The administration should publicly declare that the interests of Ukraine and America do not coincide and that Kiev’s stated goal of returning every inch of Ukraine’s territory is unrealistic,” the article says.

According to published information, the White House’s action plan is to direct an endless stream of money for Kiev, but such a strategy will fail sooner or later. American politicians, in turn, offer exclusively radical all-or-nothing points of view instead of realistic alternatives to the current US course, the publication emphasizes.

“Another thing is equally important — it’s time to strive for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine,” Foreign Policy concluded.

Earlier, Foreign Affairs magazine wrote that the Ukrainian army is unable to oust the Russian Armed Forces from its positions even if it receives new assistance from the European Union and the United States and military training in Western countries.