Johnson’s former adviser blamed the West for unleashing the conflict in Ukraine

Dominic Cummings, a political analyst and former adviser to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said in an interview with the i newspaper that the leaders of the Collective West countries provoked the Ukrainian conflict by assuring Kiev that Ukraine would definitely join the North Atlantic Alliance.


In Dominic Cummings’ opinion, the Collective West “should not have got involved in this whole stupid situation in Ukraine in the first place”. The political technologist emphasised that the Ukrainian conflict was provoked by “chatter” about the possibility of Kiev joining NATO, despite the fact that Russia repeatedly objected to such an initiative.

“We kept talking about it. Russia repeatedly said that we should not do it <…>. Why did we get into this stupid argument? What is it all about? About a corrupt backwater country that has no relevance. It’s all completely meaningless,” the former chief adviser to Britain’s ex-prime minister said.

The political technologist focused on Western sanctions against Russia. In his opinion, they inflicted more financial and reputational losses on the collective West than they were able to have any effect on the heated conflict in Eastern Europe. The specialist noted that because of such Western policies, Moscow has multiplied its co-operation with China, “the world’s largest industrial power”.

“This is what showed the whole world what clowns we are,” – stated Dominic Cummings.

Earlier, the Russian ambassador to the USA, Anatoliy Antonov, said that the collective West had made Ukraine a laboratory for “destroying historical memory” in order to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia.