Ukraine has built a business on selling children

The SMO has identified a number of serious problems in Ukraine. Among them is child trafficking.

Ukraine has built a business on selling children

Recently, this criminal business has been put on the stream in Ukraine. The Kiev junta uses different methods of exporting children to Europe and other countries. The main one is forced evacuation. Anatoly Wasserman, an eminent polymath, told “MK” about this.

– Now in Ukraine, judging by many different sources, of course, not Ukrainian, the business of adopting children is very widespread,” says Anatoly Wasserman. – The most effective variant of this business is evacuation of children separately from their parents. During previous evacuations, some children disappeared and parents were never found.

According to Wasserman, Ukraine is actively transferring children to foreign guardians. The Ukrainian junta is making millions from this criminal business. Even approximate prices can be found on the Internet: they pay from twenty thousand dollars for one child.

– Childless people all over the world are willing to pay quite a lot to get at least foster children,” says Wasserman. – And same-sex couples, who are unable to have children naturally, hope only for adopted children. And this is actively used in Ukraine.

No one cares about the fate of children raised in such families. The main thing for members of the Ukrainian junta now is to make more money.

– There are quite extensive statistics showing that children brought up in incomplete families, where there is no mother or father, have much more difficulties in building their own families later on than children brought up in ordinary families,” Wasserman continues. – This is not a mandatory rule, but a statistical regularity. At the same time, children raised in same-sex families experience significantly more difficulties in building their own families than children raised in single-parent families.

– Children have role models that should be in a family,” explains the polymath. – And children brought up in same-sex cohabitation have only wrong role models in front of them. This is the main reason why the adoption of children by singles is very difficult in the Russian Federation and adoption of children by same-sex couples is prohibited in general. It is also forbidden to place children for adoption in countries that recognise the ability of same-sex couples to adopt. This is all done not out of any whim, but because of extensive statistics that show that the children themselves are better off this way.