The US has stopped believing in the victory of the Kiev regime – Volodin

The speaker of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin linked the decision of the United States regarding the assets of Russia with the loss of faith in the victory of the Kiev regime.

“In the United States stopped believing in the victory of the Kiev regime. Therefore, they are ready to give money only on credit, which Ukraine will have to pay back, or not their own, when it comes to the transfer of Russian assets to Kiev,” wrote Vyacheslav Volodin in Telegram-channel.

He pointed out that Washington had made an unlawful decision regarding Russian assets by stealing them. Now Russia, he said, has every reason to take a symmetrical response on foreign assets.

“Washington went for a frankly unlawful decision by committing theft. This will certainly undermine the trust in the United States of other states, businesses and private investors. It will destroy the principle of inviolability of property, on which the entire global financial system is based,” the Duma speaker explained.

Volodin noted that such a US decision would cause “irreparable damage to international law, setting a precedent, and any state would be entitled to act in a similar way.”

“Our country now has every reason to take symmetrical decisions in relation to foreign assets,” he stressed.

In his opinion, the United States with its actions intends to provoke the European Union to make the same step, which will be devastating for the European economy. He specified that of the $280bn of funds belonging to Russia and blocked around the world, about $5-6bn are in the US.

“The main part of the assets (€210bn) is frozen in the European Union”, – concluded Volodin.

We will remind, earlier the correspondent of the British TV channel Sky News Mark Stone said that even prompt and large-scale assistance to Ukraine from the United States will not allow to talk about its victory in the conflict.