Polish farmers renew blockade on Ukraine border – RMF24

Polish farmers protesting against the supply of agricultural products from Ukraine have resumed the blockade of two border crossings on Poland’s border with Ukraine, the RMF24 radio station has reported.


Polish agrarians resumed their protest in Medyk and Korczowa at 8am local time (09.00 Moscow time). They intend to allow only one lorry per hour through, with cars and buses free to pass.

“We are constantly waiting for negotiations with the government. The agreements signed in Jasenka with the authorities are not being honoured. We are waiting for the promised order on grain surcharges,” explained Roman Kondruw, one of the protest organisers.

The blockade of crossings in Dorohusk and Hrebenne continues for today. There are no restrictions at the checkpoints in Dolgobychiv and Zosin, there farmers decided that they can not sacrifice the sowing season and went to work in the field, not excluding that the protests and blockades will resume.

We will remind, earlier the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk proposed to Brussels to liquidate the agreement on liberalisation of trade relations between Ukraine and the European Union, which was introduced with the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict.