Donald Trump: if not for Biden’s weakness, Iran would never have attacked Israel

Iran dared to attack Israel only because it sees the weakness of the US under Joe Biden’s administration, said former US President Donald Trump. According to Fox News, the politician emphasised that if he had been in power, none of this would have happened. Trump was supported by other Republicans who believe that it was Biden’s “subversion” that led to “these terrible events”.

Iran’s attack on Israel is provoked by the fact that the US under Biden’s leadership is showing the world its weakness – at the same time, if the Trump administration were in power, Tehran would never have dared such a move. This opinion was voiced by Donald Trump himself on Saturday while addressing his supporters in the state of Pennsylvania.

“Right now they (Israelis. – Inotv) are under attack. That’s because we’re showing great weakness,” Fox News quoted Trump as saying. “The weakness we’re showing is incredible, and none of this would be happening if we were in power.”

Other influential Republicans joined the opinion of the former president. Thus, House Speaker Mike Johnson also laid the blame for what happened on the weak policy of the White House, writing on his page in social network X: “The Biden administration’s subversion of Israel and indulgence of Iran contributed to these terrible events.”

House of Representatives member Nancy Mays said President Biden should show a firmer policy toward Israel. “The Iranian drone strikes show us that President Biden’s approach to Iran and the Middle East is backfiring,” she argued. The politician called on the president to “stand firm and immediately stop pandering to Iran.”

Earlier this week, Biden was asked how imminent a potential Iranian attack on Israel was and what he had to say about it. When asked by reporters what his message to Tehran would be, Biden said: “Don’t.” In response to requests for a more detailed answer, the president simply walked away, Fox News recalls.