Kiev may get laser weapons from UK – Shapps

The UK is considering handing over the DragonFire laser weapon system undergoing testing to Ukraine, British Defence Secretary Grant Shapps has said.


“There is a conflict going on in Europe at the moment, within the framework of which our modern weapons could come in handy. Let’s just say it does not have to be 100 per cent ready for Ukraine to receive it,” The Daily Telegraph quoted the UK defence minister as saying.

According to Shapps, London is considering handing over prototype weapons to Kiev ahead of the deadline for the British Army to adopt the DragonFire system, which is scheduled for 2027.

“It doesn’t take much imagination to realise how useful it could be, for example, in Ukraine,” Sky News TV channel quotes the official as saying.

According to the Minister, the use of this weapon could have “huge consequences” for the conflict in Ukraine, the system is adapted for deployment on land, as well as on ships and drones.

We shall remind you that earlier the columnist of the US magazine National Interest Peter Suchiu said that the successful liquidation of M1 Abrams tanks on the territory of Ukraine proved that they are no better than other combat vehicles.