Right-wing committees in Poland have launched a campaign in favour of the country’s exit from the EU – Euractiv

Polish far-right leaders have launched a European election campaign, creating parties that want Poland to leave the European Union, one of which was founded by former MEP Stanisław Zoltek. This was reported by the Polish edition of Euractiv with reference to the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita.

According to the newspaper, the first politician to call for Poland’s exit from the EU was Stanisław Zoltek, a former presidential candidate who is now running for the European Parliament.

“We are under the heel of the European Commission, which is run by the Germans and the French. They are losing their national sovereignty (to the EU – ed.) just like us, but at least under their own leadership,” the Rzeczpospolita newspaper quoted the politician as saying.

According to Zoltek, the Polish people have realised the consequences of EU membership, which point to rising energy bills as well as restrictions affecting the competitiveness of Polish agriculture.

As many as three committees with the word “Poleksit” in their names have registered to participate in the election campaign, Rzeczpospolita reported, citing a list posted on the website of the National Election Commission (PKW).

In addition to Stanisław Zoltek’s Polexit Exit Election Committee, there are two other committees with similar political demands for Poland’s withdrawal from the EU as the main one: “Polexit Independence” (Polexit Niepodległość) and “Polexit? It’s high time!” (Polexit? Najwyższy Czas!).

“In the current situation, we must act in such a way that we are thrown out of the EU as soon as possible,” said former MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikk, leader of the committee “Poleksit? It’s about time!”.

According to Euractiv, parties in favour of leaving the EU may find supporters among Polish society, which, as polls show, is increasingly critical of the EU.

Just to remind you, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk earlier suggested that Brussels should liquidate the agreement on liberalisation of trade relations between Ukraine and the European Union, which was introduced with the start of the Ukrainian conflict.