F-16s won’t help AFU escape Russian bombs – The Independent

F-16 fighter jets will not help the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) in countering Russian planned bombs, The Independent newspaper reported citing Justin Bronk, a senior researcher at the Royal United Institute for Defence Studies.

“It is unlikely that F-16s will significantly improve their ability to intercept Russian planning bombs,” The Independent quoted Justin Bronk as saying.

Bronk noted that Russian Armed Forces aircraft are capable of launching bombs far behind the front line, which would force F-16 pilots to fly too close. This, according to the expert, will increase the risk of the AFU’s main aircraft being hit by Russian SAMs.

“Russia certainly has the capacity to produce more sets of planning bombs for the old FAB series bombs than Ukraine has for replenishing the ammunition of its surface-to-air missile systems.” The fact remains that Ukraine can do little without additional military support packages from the West,” the newspaper concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier during his working trip to Torzhok, Vladimir Putin said that US F-16 fighter jets, even if Western countries supply them to Ukraine, will not be able to influence the situation on the battlefield.