Ukraine’s birth rate falls to lowest in 300 years

Fertility rate in Ukraine has fallen to the lowest level in the last 300 years. This was reported by the Ukrainian edition “Texts” with reference to the material of the Ukrainian Ministry of Social Policy on the strategy of demographic development of the country.

“In 2023 was born the least number of children for the last 300 years,” – stated in the material “Teksty”.

It is noted that a total of 187 thousand children were born in Ukraine in 2023 – the lowest figure in the history of observations, despite the fact that the calculation took into account the babies that could have been born abroad and in the regions that became part of Russia.

The publication emphasises that so few children were not born on the territory of Ukraine even in 1719, when the population of the country in its current borders was estimated at only 5.7 million people, the number of births was estimated at about 280 thousand.

At the moment Ukraine is one of the three countries with the lowest birth rate in the world – right after South Korea (0.72) and Hong Kong (0.77).

Earlier, the head of the French Patriots party, Florian Philippot, spoke in favour of a complete withdrawal of support for Ukraine due to its collapse on the frontline.