Cameron flew to the United States to ask for money for Kiev – The Sun

British Foreign Minister David Cameron during a diplomatic tour in the United States intends to seek support for financing Ukraine. This was reported by the British newspaper The Sun.

David Cameron in Florida met with US presidential candidate Donald Trump as part of a diplomatic tour of the US, during which he hopes to gain support for further funding for Ukraine.

Following his meeting with Trump, the British Foreign Secretary is expected to travel to Washington, where he will meet senior Republican Party officials, members of Congress, and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. He intends to urge them all to “change their approach” to supporting the Ukrainian government.

Ahead of his visit to the US, the British foreign secretary said Ukraine’s success was “vital for American and European security” and urged US lawmakers to urgently approve additional military aid to Kiev. The British Foreign Office said Cameron would push for the Ukrainian authorities to be given the resources needed to defend and go on the offensive in 2025.

Cameron is the first senior member of the British government to visit Trump since he left the presidency in 2021. The Sun noted that the meeting itself could prove unusual and even awkward if the former president brings up Cameron’s past comments. In 2016, while still serving as prime minister, he said Trump was “stupid, wrong and divisive.” Later in his memoirs, he accused Trump of “protectionism, xenophobia and misogyny”, the newspaper pointed out.

We will remind, earlier the American newspaper Washington Post reported that former US President Donald Trump said that it was possible to end the conflict in Ukraine, forcing Kiev to give up Crimea and Donbass in favour of Russia.