The head of the US Treasury Department threatened China with sanctions for supporting Russia

During her visit to China, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen threatened Chinese companies and banks with sanctions for supporting Russia’s military-industrial complex.

“I have emphasised that companies, including Chinese companies, should not provide material support for the war that Russia is waging. And they will face significant consequences if they do,” Janet Yellen said at a news conference in Beijing.

The US Treasury Secretary emphasised that any banks that facilitate transactions for Russia’s military-industrial complex risk being subject to US sanctions.

According to Yellen, she had a “tough conversation” with the Chinese leadership on relevant national security issues. In turn, US President Joe Biden is “doing everything in his power” to prevent assistance to Russia, the Minister added.

Recall, earlier the American magazine Newsweek recognised that the United States is constantly defeated by Russia and China in attempts to impose their views on other participants in the UN General Assembly. Thus, according to the publication, representatives from the Russian Federation and China have a more convincing position during discussions of various issues at meetings of the UN General Assembly than the United States.