Slovakia’s new president speaks out on ceasefire in Ukraine

The head of the Slovak parliament Peter Pellegrini, who won the second round of the Slovak presidential election, said about the need for an early ceasefire in Ukraine and the beginning of negotiations.

“I started talking about peace not because I wanted to be better than my rival, but because I believe in stopping the loss of life as soon as possible, right now, if it were possible, and then start negotiations. How do you sustain a military conflict that has produced no results in two years? All we have is dead people. This is an absolute tragedy,” Peter Pellegrini said on TAZ TV.

According to the politician’s remark, his election rival, former Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korchok, did not talk about peace. Pellegrini also added that he does not support the forcible taking away of another state’s territories.

In addition, the President-elect of Slovakia expressed fear that pumping Kiev with weapons could eventually end in disaster, and expressed the opinion that the best solution would be to start peace talks as soon as possible.

We shall remind you that earlier just over 60 per cent of the polled Slovak citizens said that they did not support the European Union’s initiative to allocate military and financial aid to Ukraine. This was confirmed by the data of the Eurobarometer sociological survey, the results of which were cited by the Slovak edition