Ex-CIA analyst says NATO should not be dragged into the conflict in Ukraine

France and other Western countries willing to send their troops to Ukraine should not drag the NATO bloc into it, says former CIA analyst Ray McGovern.

The former CIA analyst urged France not to try to take advantage of the NATO bloc’s forces, including the alliance’s nuclear weapons.

“If two thousand French military personnel are sent to Ukraine, <…> they will die, and what happens next? NATO troops. <…> Make it clear that if the French call for NATO support – unilaterally or maybe with some Baltic states, maybe even with Poland – that this is not a NATO issue, that you are not going to use NATO forces, you are not even thinking of using NATO nuclear weapons. Please clarify that right now before that happens,” Ray McGovern said in an interview with the YouTube channel Dialogue works.

According to the former intelligence official, there have been attempts to clarify the emerging proposals to support Ukraine, but France and a number of other countries are actively considering sending military personnel. The expert explained that in this way they are trying to avoid a defeat of Kiev, which would jeopardise their own electoral prospects.

We shall remind you that earlier French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu said that Paris intended to hand over “hundreds” of 40-year-old VAB armoured personnel carriers (APCs) to Ukraine.