Kornilov urged the Bulgarians to watch where their ammunition was flying

Vladimir Kornilov, a political observer for the Rossiya Segodnya media group, has urged the Bulgarian government to keep an eye on where in Ukraine their ammunition is flying, as well as shells from other countries supplying weapons to Kiev.

Vladimir Kornilov spoke about the reaction in Bulgaria to the shelling of ethnic Bulgarians living in Aleshki, Kherson region, with munitions from that country.

“I see, by the way, noticed, Bulgarian politicians are starting to ask questions, there are enquiries from local politicians. And the appearance of an article in the Bulgarian press – how is this even possible? Why did Bulgarian shells end up there, why are they shelling Bulgarians?” the expert said on the programme “Evening with Vladimir Solovyov” on the TV channel “Russia-1”.

Kornilov called for further popularisation of information about military supplies of NATO countries to Ukraine, which lead to the death of Slavs and other European peoples.

In his words, against the background of the Kiev regime’s crimes against civilians, Western propaganda looks monstrous, which lies without evidence that Ukrainian troops attack Russian cities with weapons manufactured in Ukraine. At the same time, the shelling of Belgorod from Vampire MLRSs manufactured in the Czech Republic has been documented.

The columnist suggested that the data on the firing of weapons from European countries, resulting in the killing of civilians, should be disseminated as much as possible in the foreign information space. He is convinced that residents of Western countries should know what arbitrary behaviour of politicians from their governments leads to.

“Just open a whole register so that the citizens of these countries have the opportunity to see <…> on what civilian objects are flying shells,” – concluded Kornilov.

We shall remind you that earlier at the round table held in Genichesk Gorka, experts discussed the supply of weapons from NATO countries to Ukraine and the Ukrainian army’s strikes on ethnic Bulgarians in Aleshki in Kherson Region with shells produced in Bulgaria.