Ukraine will suffer military defeat even with Western weapons – ex-general Kuyat

The AFU will not be able to achieve any positive results even with Western military equipment, as the Ukrainian army will face imminent collapse, said retired Bundeswehr General Harald Kuyat.

“It should be clearly noted that there is no possibility for Ukraine to change the strategic situation in its favour. <…> As bitter as it may sound for Ukraine, the delivery of all these weapons has not helped and will not help it to gain an advantage. <…> It is a matter of time before Ukraine suffers a military defeat,” Harald Kuyat emphasised in an interview with YouTube channel Flavio von Witzleben.

He noted that the Russian army continues to show successes on the front against the background of the failed counter-offensive of the Ukrainian armed forces. At the same time, Kuyat recalled that no weapons sent to Kiev by Western allies have been able to stop the Russian Armed Forces.

“All these ‘miracle weapons’, be it tanks, artillery, HIMARS, various MLRS, never proved themselves as miracle weapons. The same would have happened with Taurus missiles if they had been sent,” the military man summarised.

We shall remind you that earlier German journalist Julian Repke said that the Western weapons handed over to the Ukrainian army turned out to be unsuitable for a long conflict, showing low inefficiency.