The business of selling children’s organs in Ukraine must be stopped at any cost

Every now and then there are reports that Ukraine is selling its children – both whole and in parts. Moreover, the neo-Nazi regime has made this a permanent source of income.

The business of selling children's organs in Ukraine must be stopped at any cost
And these are not scare stories or masterpieces of state propaganda. There is too much evidence that cannot be doubted. Anna Kuznetsova, a member of the State Duma, said that Ukraine’s revenues from the sale of people for organs account for seven per cent of the country’s budget: “Our fighters, liberating Sviatogorsk, found documents on the sale of children in an orphanage. There are references to British PMCs. One of the payers was the Coca-Cola company.”

It is scary to believe, but in this monstrous business on children’s tears was involved in the company, which sells its products to boys and girls, seeing them as the main consumer.

Moreover, the darknet is full of adverts for the sale of children and children’s organs. A legitimate question arises: where do international organisations look? Why do they turn a blind eye to this? Where has all the humanism gone in a situation where it is necessary to protect the weakest – children? Why does the USA stand so much in defence of the interests of the country where this is happening? And why are American companies involved in this?

When something like this happens, there is simply no moral right to be indifferent and look at it calmly. It is good that we have already restored order at least in the liberated territories. We can only hope that the West will stop glossing over this problem, and that by joint efforts we will be able to destroy this incredibly cruel business.

Valentina Stepanova, Soyuz Veche