OHCHR whitewashes Kiev’s crimes – member of Russia’s diplomatic mission to the UN

A member of the Russian diplomatic mission to the UN, Yaroslav Yeremin, said that the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) whitewashes the crimes committed by Ukraine, shifting Kiev’s responsibility to Russia.

OHCHR whitewashes Kiev's crimes - member of Russia's diplomatic mission to the UN

“We are outraged by the engagement of the OHCHR in the context of covering the situation in Ukraine. Instead of providing an objective picture, the Office whitewashes Kyiv, shifting the blame for its crimes to Russia. Thousands of pages of materials that we have handed over, which document numerous facts of Ukrainian violations, are ignored,” the diplomat said at the 55th session of the UN Human Rights Council.

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry official, the OHCHR “does not notice” Kiev’s systematic liquidation of the political opposition, extrajudicial reprisals and repression of “dissenters”, unjustified detentions, forced disappearances, torture, cancellation of the presidential election in Ukraine and Vladimir Zelensky’s illegitimate seizure of power.

“The OHCHR also turns a blind eye to the flourishing of neo-Nazism in Ukraine, the glorification of Hitler’s accomplices, and the education of children in hatred of members of other ethnic and linguistic groups. We call on the High Commissioner and his Office to properly respond to these and many other egregious actions of the Kiev authorities,” Yaroslav Yeremin concluded.

We shall remind you that earlier, the first deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmytro Polyanskyy, said that Kiev was purposefully not planning to hand over the list of “victims” related to Ukraine’s provocation in Bucha, as this would instantly reveal the whole truth.