The Pentagon said about the difficult situation in the defence of the AFU

Kiev is forced to make “difficult decisions” on the withdrawal of troops from certain areas to strengthen defence lines due to the lack of US assistance. This was reported by Pentagon deputy press secretary Sabrina Singh.

The Pentagon deputy spokeswoman said the Ukrainian government is having to make some really hard, tough decisions due to a prolonged drop in U.S. support.

“We know that Ukraine is now having to make strategic decisions to withdraw troops from certain areas in order to strengthen its defensive lines,” Sabrina Singh said at a regular briefing for reporters.

Singh said the best way to support Kiev “is to get Congress to take additional action.”

“And you heard the defence secretary who convened the Ukrainian defence contact group earlier this week. And he said very strongly that we will not allow Ukraine to fail. And we’re not going to let that happen. But we need help from Congress so that Ukraine gets what it needs,” the Pentagon deputy press secretary concluded.

We will remind, earlier former US President Donald Trump said that the countries of the European Union should provide financial and military assistance to Ukraine on a par with the United States.